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Hi! I am a babywearing educator based in Amsterdam.  I help you to use babywearing as a tool to make your life as a parent and individual a bit easier and more fun.  Scroll down to learn more about how babywearing can be stylish, healthful, practical, and comfortable.  

Adapting to Love


Becoming a parent requires huge changes to our lifestyle, and as we become parents we consciously and unconsciously adapt our lives to this new way of existing.  

Babywearing is a universal adaptation seen in every culture around the world.  We use babywearing as an adaptation to support our lifestyle and independence as parents.  And we use babywearing as an adaption to provide love and security to our babies when they need it most.  



Every parent and caregiver deserves the chance to learn how to wear their baby in a way that works best for them.  Babywearing is an important tool that provides parents with increased opportunities, confidence, and happiness.  Babywearing also provides countless health, social, and developmental benefits to the baby. Investing in learning how to wear your baby is truly a priceless skill for yourself and your family. It also makes an unforgettable gift. 

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  A place to share resources, thoughts, and education on babywearing around the world. Check it out!

Virtually every culture has embraced babywearing in some form, passing on the knowledge of how to wear a baby from generation to generation.  Today we are reclaiming that lost knowledge in our industrialized societies, inspired by traditional cultures around the world that have never forgotten this essential practice of our humanity. 



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