About Babywearing


Why do we wear our babies?

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How I can help you on your parenting journey.

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Hi! I'm Zyanya...

About Babywearing


Why do we wear our babies?


How do we know our babies expect to be worn?

Why did we stop wearing our babies?

Nearly every culture has a traditional method of babywearing, often utilizing a piece of textile of varying shapes and sizes. These traditions are passed on from generation to generation. In our modern industrialized societies we largely lost the traditional knowledge of how to safely and comfortably carry a child with our arms free. ...

Regional and online babywearing communities and babywearing educators and consultants are working hard to reteach and share this knowledge. And modern babywearing now integrates what we are learning about infant health and development to allow for wearing in the most ergonomic and developmentally appropriate way possible.  As educators we dream of a day when this knowledge is once again universal and shared between generations and our profession and work will no longer be needed. But until then we are happy to continue sharing babywearing with families to support their lives and their children’s healthy development. 

What are the benefits of babywearing?

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What is a babywearing consultant and why is it a service?

There are many community and online resources for caregivers to learn babywearing as a skill. A babywearing consultant also provides this service privately at the convenience of the caregiver. Additionally, we work with you to help you integrate babywearing into your lifestyle however you envision. We are able to address personal and individual needs. We seek to empower you on your parenting journey by integrating babywearing into your life as a tool that supports both your and your baby's needs.

Often new parents are overwhelmed by the variety of options of carriers and unsure of how to go about using them correctly. One-on-one support greatly eases the journey into babywearing.  Even though carriers come with instructions, without experienced hands-on help, the vast majority of us end up using carriers in ways that make them far less comfortable and supportive than they have the potential to be.  Consultants know the full potential of each carrier and are able to make sure you are getting that full potential out of your carrier. 

Similar to a lactation consultant, we learn about your journey, goals, successes and struggles, and work together to find what will work best for you and your family.

How can I help you on your parenting journey?


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How a consultation usually unfolds:

About Me

Hello!   I’m Zyanya,* and I’m excited you want to learn more about babywearing! 

Here’s a little about myself and my journey into babywearing…

I was introduced to babywearing while in the Netherlands in 2013. During a visit with my family, my cousin, who is a babywearing consultant, wore her young daughter with a beautiful woven wrap and made parenthood seem so easily integrated into her everyday life. She taught me a basic front carry with a wrap and I loved the concept. My introduction to babywearing was well before I had a child or even considered having children, so perhaps it was not the most common way one often learns about babywearing. Yet it felt natural, having a family member show me how to carry her daughter with a soft, beautiful piece of fabric, like she was passing an important tradition on to me. In that moment it was already understood that I would pass on this knowledge to my friends that were expecting babies and one-day use it for my own baby. I did not understand at that time how subversive babywearing remains in our culture today or how far we are from returning to a common tradition of each generation teaching the next how to carry our babies on our bodies. 

Once I did have my own child I began to appreciate babywearing at a whole new level and it quickly became part of my day-to-day life. With each new carrier I tried and each new carry I mastered I was more excited to share my new knowledge with my friends and family. I continued to learn much more from my cousin, the internet, and attending my local BWI meetings.  I began volunteering regularly with BWI Seattle to help others find effective and comfortable ways to carry their children, and I soon decided I wanted as much training and education as possible so that I could be more effective as an educator.  I attended the Center for Babywearing Studies' Foundations course in NYC to learn more about sharing babywearing and become certified.  The depth and breadth of material we covered impressed and amazed me.  I am continually working to build on my skills as a consultant with the objective of fully supporting each parent's goals on their own journey.

My prior education and experiences teaching and traveling shape how I appreciate and share my knowledge of babywearing. I hold a B.S. in Biology (with a focus on evolution and ecology) and a J.D., both from the University of Washington. I have years of experience teaching adults in various capacities and various subjects, including math, science, and dance. And I have had the privilege of traveling, working, and studying on 5 continents.  Together these experiences, I believe, contribute to my passion for babywearing. Each time I take a moment to wrap my child to my back I feel a sense of connection to the generations before me and the women (and men!) around the world that have found new, ingenuitive, and beautiful ways to comfortably bear the weight of their children for hours and miles, during giggles and tears, songs and stories, journeys and bedtimes. Thanks to both its practical and emotional benefits, babywearing has been a refuge for me.  I hope to be able to share this beautiful tool and skill with you!

I am from Seattle and half-Dutch.  My family and I recently moved to Amsterdam to explore my Dutch-roots and heritage and this amazing city.  I can frequently be seen on walks with my husky and my toddler on my back around Amsterdam's parks.  I also enjoy dancing, cooking, exploring nature, and diving headfirst into my next passion and project, whatever that may be.

I am a graduate of CBWS and insured by CM&F Group, Inc. I speak English, Spanish, and can understand, but not [yet] speak, Dutch. 

*pronounced Zee-anya, but I also go by Z!

Zyanya Kortooms Breuer

Trained by CBWS