Babywearing Resources

Buy/Sell/Trade Carriers

There are many groups on facebook setup specifically for reselling used carriers. Here are two of the most active groups: 

Babywearing International of Seattle

Babywearing International of Seattle serves King County with a goal of helping and supporting families through the wonderful tool of babywearing.

Amsterdam Birth / Parenting Community Resources

coming soon...

email for collaborations!

Seattle Birth/Parenting Community Resources

Open Arms Perinatal Services

Community-based support for the families who need it most. We help parents and children develop the confidence and skills they need to become their own best advocates. Our network of trained birth doulas and community-based early parenting support create positive early childhood outcomes that last a lifetime.

BEarthmate Doula Services - Kristin Travis

Dynamic Doula - Postpartum, Andrea Vittegleo

Midwife Seattle - Certified Nurse Midwives

Trust the process... Embrace the power.

The Makery - Toddler Art Playground

A mobile art lab celebrating re-use and raw creativity.